Headquartered in London and established all across Europe and Asia, the Consultancy was created back in 2009 to advise commodity houses and investment banks on complex issues and support them on technical projects.

Number one in Metals, Atum Consulting is also a key player in Agriculture and Energy -- overall a true partner on physical and non-physical commodities trading, from business process and controls to system deliveries.


11 years of continuous growth and success


Over 50 projects successfully delivered with all key players in the industry


Up to 30 seasoned consultants with an in-depth knowledge of the commodity sector


Working with most of the key players in the industry, including more than 60% of the largest Trading Houses in Metals and Softs


USD 3.5 million of consolidated turnover as of the 30th September 2020

Our services

Atum Consulting offers a full range of services in the Commodity market:

○ Systems: Benchmark of systems, Request For Information, Request For Proposal, Implementation, Customization, Developments, Testing, Setup, Reporting, Support

○ Business Process: Business Process Audit, Documentation, Controls improvements, Logistics Optimization, Organization, Strategic business development

○ Change Management: New Organization implementation, new process implementation, new system changes

Our clients

○ Metal (Derivatives, Refined, Concentrates)

○ Agriculture (Cotton, Grain, Coffee, Cocoa, Juices, Wheat, Cattle, etc.)

○ Energy (Crude Oil, Products, Power, Gas, LNG, Carbon Emissions, Weather Derivatives, etc.)


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