Trading systems

Atum Consulting can manage the local or even global integration / enhancement of any trading system, whether it is a traditional platform or a customized one. We have been working closely with all main vendors (ABB, Allegro, Amphora, Aspect, Brady, Commodities Engineering, DycoTrade, Microsoft, SAP, SteelEye, SunAccounts…) over the past few years and have acquired a deep knowledge of their key features and specificities.

○ Request For Information (RFI) / Request For Proposal (RFP): benchmark to select the relevant system based on the client’s needs
○ Functionality spec of the trading system: for an in-house or vendor system, either for new modules, new functionalities, or simply enhancing the existing system
○ Outsource development: to a dedicated team in Eastern Europe or Morocco
○ QA testing: to assess the quality of the system developed and integrated
○ Implementation of the vendor system: installation, set-up, data migration, training, validation, and finally user acceptance test
○ Maintenance / support: both for in-house and vendor systems can be done onsite or remotely

Business Process review and change management

Atum Consulting advises its clients on strategic organisation changes, for instance to improve the management of increasing flows or to minimize an operational risk on a given asset class. We can also provide recommendations in terms of business development, a new financial instruments (ROI, profitability) or a new front office activities location.

○ Control & optimization
○ Target operating model definition
○ Process implementation
○ Gap analysis
○ Change management
○ Process & control audit

Functional Training

Atum Consulting offers training sessions that can be customised to suit clients specific needs. You will find below an indicative list of our latest training sessions. Please contact us to have a full copy of our catalogue.

○ Introduction to Financial markets
○ Presentation of a Trading activity: Front-Office to Back-Office and all ancillary services
○ Introduction to Commodity Markets
○ Hedging Commodities: A product introduction
○ Precious Metals trading: Main principles
○ Base Metals trading and hedging using the LME and COMEX
○ Physical trading and logistics: 21st century challenges