In-House development of a Metals CTRM for a Tier 1 Energy and Materials Trading House, Switzerland, China, Singapore

○ 1 consultant
○ Specifications for a front to back Metals System for the Singapore, Shanghai and Geneva Metals desks
○ Product development follow up with a team of 10 developers based in Eastern Europe
○ Testing: UAT, regression test, acceptance and change management with operational users

Modules specified:

  • Trades Capture done (Physical and Derivatives)
  • Logistics in progress (Storage, Transport)
  • Trade Finance in progress (LC management)
  • Middle Office, Controls
  • Back Office, Reconciliations
  • Accounting, Interface into a Group General Ledger

Implementation and customization of a Metals CTRM for a Tier 1 Commodities Trading House, Switzerland, North America, South America, China

○ Team of 5 consultants involved in the Business Analysis of a Vendor System implementation for Geneva and worldwide (10 countries to be done from Year 2)
○ Gap Analysis review
○ System Testing
○ Business Process proposal based on the current process and target requirements
○ Change management discussion in progress

Next Tasks in progress:

  • Detailed Tests Plan writing and handover to a team in India
  • UAT with the users and Go-Live
  • Roll-out in all 10 locations

Implementation and customization of a Metals CTRM for a Metals and Raw Material Trading House, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, North America

○ 2 consultants
○ Gap Analysis between 2 existing Systems and a new Vendor System selected by the client
○ Specifications (functional and technical) for the vendor to implement Gaps
○ Test Plan for the Gaps
○ Testing of the new features and end-to-end Testing for each consecutive desk
○ Derivatives Desk Live
○ Refined Metals in progress
○ Minor Metals Gaps review and Specs
○ Concentrates Gaps review and Specs
○ New Concentrates Module testing
○ Final Change management and business process

In-House development of a Group Data Warehouse to centralize and streamline Back-Office and Risks for a Tier 1 Energy and Materials Trading House, London, North America, Hong Kong, Singapore

○ 2 consultants
○ Project definition for a Group Data Warehouse
○ Definition of the functional Scope (P&L, Market Risk, Credit Risk, Counterparties On-boarding, Finance)
○ Definition of the technologies (cloud-based, open-source)
○ Project definition (Scope, Objectives, Success, Roadmap, Costs, Timeline, Risks)
○ Project approval by the board members
○ Hiring of a team of 20 people (phased on a 12 months period)

Developments of the core Platform and the first Modules:

  • P&L Reporting for Power & Gas, Oil, Metals, Iron Ore, Coal
  • P&L Explained
  • Market Risk Reports and feed into the VAR system
  • Counterparties On-boarding
  • Credit Risk Rating and Reporting
  • Finance Reports (Inventory, Accruals) and Feed to the Ledger
  • Treasury Module

Design of a brand new Module in a vendor system for Metals Warehousing and Supply Chain Management, and Implementation for the Warehousing Division of a Tier 1 Metals Trading House, London, Rotterdam, Singapore, Malaysia, North America

○ 1 consultant
○ RFI and RFP to select a Vendor
○ Selection of a Vendor having a strong Physical Trading System but no Warehousing capabilities
○ Specs writing for the pure Warehousing features & implementation with a team of 4 developers of the Vendor
○ Testing and roll-out in London, Rotterdam, St Louis, Detroit, Singapore, Johor

Modules specified:

  • Warehousing Trades capture (Storage Agreements, Intakes, Releases, Warranting)
  • Rent Accruals Automatic calculation
  • Invoicing and Cash Management
  • Interface to the Group General Ledger

Design of a Derivatives Module in a Physical Metals CTRM, and Implementation for a Tier 1 Commodities Trading House in London, Asia, Middle East and North America

○ 1 consultant
○ RFP to select a Vendor
○ Selection of a Vendor having a strong Physical Trading System but no Derivatives Specs writing for the Derivatives features & implementation with a team of 8 developers of the Vendor
○ Testing and roll-out in London, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Stamford CT

Modules specified:

  • Trade Capture (Physical and Derivatives, including Options)
  • Pricing using Market Data Feeds for Prices, Premiums, FX and Rates
  • MO Reports
  • BO Reconciliations
  • Logistics (Storage & Transports), including Secondary Costs management
  • Interface to a Group GL (fully automated including month-end Accruals)

Specifications to add Metals Trade Capture, Execution, Reconciliations, Registration on Exchanges, Clearing, Back-Office and Accounting Feed into a major ETRM for a Tier 1 Investment Bank, London

○ 2 consultants
○ Specifications of a Metals Derivatives Module for a market Vendor System specialized in Energy at that time
○ LME Registration and interface to the LME
○ LME Clearing and interface to the LCH
○ LME Clients Execution on LME Select using a proprietary Client Trading Platform
○ Interfaces to the MO and BO Reports and process
○ Use of all BO features of an existing Vendor System

Project status:

  • Full Specs delivered and approved by the business

Implementation of a Proprietary Market Data Management and Contribution Tool for Traders and Marketers for a Tier 1 Investment Bank dealing with Commodity Derivatives between Europe, North America and Japan

○ 2 consultants
○ Proposal of a System to manage Market Curves between Traders and Sales
○ Competition against a Big Four Consultancy won by proposing a solution developed by ourselves
○ Specs, developments and Testing of the solution
○ Fully Live with client after the first 9 months, further stages after

Modules specified:

  • Curves definition (Base Metals, Precious Metals, Soft Commodities, Energy, FX, Interest Rates)
  • Liquidity points retrieved from Reuters/Bloomberg
  • Pivots defined by Traders and publishing of whole Curve or pivots only + Save of Official for EOD
  • Sales and other Traders could subscribe to a curve for pricing purpose
  • Ultimately used on all desks within the Bank

In-House Development Specifications for a Back-Office automation project on the Metals desk of as LME Category 1 Dealer in London

○ 1 consultant
○ Specifications for a new system to replace paper tickets when orders are executed between LME Floor Traders, Dealing Room Traders and Sales
○ STP System where Orders are captured by initiator, approved by Traders, fed into BO System
○ Automatic Feed of LME and CME executions made by Traders
○ Intra-day Position and P&L Reporting until EOD is produced by the BO System
○ Interface with a third-party system to offer LME Select access through the Bank License

Modules specified:

  • Trades Capture
  • Feed from Exchange
  • Approval Work-flow and Feed into BO System
  • Intra-day Position and P&L Reports

Implementation of a Trades Execution Platform for a Tier 1 Investment Bank in London

○ 2 consultants
○ Implementation of a third-party system to offer LME Select access through the Bank License
○ White labelling of the third-party system into the Bank Group website
○ Review of all security and Compliance policy and implementation
○ On-boarding of first Clients and Setup in the system
○ Implementation of an in-house Module to publish Traders liquidity on the Platform through synthetic Carries
○ Live Position and P&L management

Modules specified:

  • Client Front-end
  • Limits and Counterparty Risk management
  • Feed into BO
  • Market-making for non-3M Prompts